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Strut. Fight Cancer. Repeat.

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30-year-old man served as 'flower girl' in his friends' wedding. He says the role 'matched his energy.'

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Minnesota woman reunites with lost dog after seeing picture on Florida brewery's beer can

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Why Lori Harvey was shamed after confirming Michael B. Jordan romance: 'Societal double standards'

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Man behind viral Black Lives Matter sign video explains why he did it

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22-year-old sees color for the first time thanks to act of kindness: ‘It’s the little things in life’

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High school salutatorian whose yearbook photo went viral hopes to inspire others to be themselves: 'It's OK to be different'

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Halloween and COVID-19: Clever inventions put new spin on trick-or-treating

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Yahoo Life

Car salesman's 'where the money reside' catchphrase goes viral: 'Gonna be my ticket out'

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