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Celebrity Interviews

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Yahoo Life

Regina King on skincare equity and pushing to have Black hairstylists on set: 'That's why you see so many women with wigs'

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Yahoo Life

Kelly Rowland talks heart health and why being pregnant during the pandemic 'actually helped': 'I was already inside the house'

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Yahoo Life

Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez on prioritizing her health, being ‘proactive’ and ‘preventative’

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Yahoo Life

Saweetie's celebrity McDonald's menu definitely doesn't include a salad: 'Saweetie gonna eat'

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Yahoo Life

Singer Jazmine Sullivan started therapy to help her cope with her mom's breast cancer diagnosis

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Yahoo Life

Yvonne Orji on having 'nourishing' friends: 'You can't be in my close circle if you're not trying to thrive personally'

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Yahoo Life

'Cobra Kai' star Peyton List on the 'confidence' she gets from martial arts workouts, and what Cameron Boyce's death taught her about grief

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Yahoo Life

Patti LaBelle, 77, on self-care: 'I'm so not a diva; I'm a basic woman'

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